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Preventative maintenance is the common work that is done to all HVAC components to keep them running properly and prevent problems before they occur. Without preventative maintenance equipment tends to fail during peak seasons and hurts the overall life and performance of the equipment. Our schedule for preventive maintenance maximizes efficiency’s for all your equipment and reduces your service calls.


  • Check suction and discharge pressures
  • Check mechanical seal or packing
  • Check for unusual noise, vibration or leaks
  • Lubricate pump & motor bearings
  • Check electrical contacts and connections


  • Check all piping and gas connections
  • Clean coils
  • Inspect & clean condensate drains
  • Inspects gas valve for leaks
  • Check conditions of vent piping 
  • Clean and vacuum combustion chamber if necessary 
  • Check electrical contacts and connections


  • Inspect unit for noise
  • Fan bearing lubrication as per manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Inspect condition of drive belts and change as scheduled
  • Inspect heating and/ or cooling coils: clean as necessary


  • Cascade systems
  • Flash chambers 
  • Process pumps and transmissions 
  • Tank mixers and transmissions
  • Air compressors 
  • Vacuum systems 
  • Steam boilers 
  • Mammoth units
  • Energy lab

Exhaust Fans

  • Cisual inspection of structure 
  • Inspect belts 
  • Adjust(replace if necessary)
  • Lubricate motor 
  • Clean any debris from unit
  • General safety inspection

Prevent problems in the future.